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As you can see, we have called this section “Our columns” instead of “News” like everyone else. You might be wondering why.

Well, because we are not like everyone else!
Above all, a column is an article that covers a specific topic that is not necessarily related to the latest news. That is exactly what you will find in this section.

Our columns address a wide range of topics: obviously translation and especially professional and technical translation services, along with the latest translation industry news, but also historical or philosophical articles relating to the languages and linguistic exchanges that have shaped humanity since time immemorial and which continue to influence society. This section also features humorous articles and examples of the howlers that are rife in the professional translation business, which just goes to show that it takes more than a dictionary to make the best translators!

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28 January 2021
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23 July 2019
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15 May 2018
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19 December 2017
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