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The way in which a document is translated depends on its type and content. For example, translating a technical manual calls for a different skillset than a press release in terms of both terminology and linguistic style.


Our team consists entirely of highly qualified and experienced professional translators. Our multilingual professionals only translate into their mother tongue and are all native-language translators. This approach guarantees that your documents are tailored to the target country from a linguistic, technical and cultural perspective. Once the translation process has finished, the document is proofread by another professional translator and quality-checked prior to delivery.


With our wealth of experience, we can guarantee that our translations are perfectly matched to the field in question. Our translators have an insight into the context and possess specific knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, we compile working glossaries to introduce the highest level of consistency into the various translations and ensure that they are geared towards your specific requirements in terms of terminology and continually updated in line with the trends and changes in your sectors of activity.


We guarantee and comply with the strictly confidential nature of your documents. If the content of your documents is extremely sensitive, or if required as part of your company’s policy, we can sign a confidentiality agreement accordingly and destroy all documents after delivery.


The ability to provide a fast response is vitally important in a world that continues to change at breakneck speed. Sometimes, translations simply cannot wait, so we will do everything in our power to promptly fulfil your translation request and consequently save you time.Furthermore, translation company MYLANDRIS goes to great lengths to maintain service availability, even during peak business periods. At the end of the day, we are professional translators, not robots, and we are committed to providing translations of the highest quality in all circumstances.


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