IT could be described as a vast field, though extremely vast would probably be a more accurate description. IT encompasses both software and hardware, without forgetting practices and processes. Not surprisingly, IT-related translation requests are considerably varied:

  • Translation of user interfaces for programs, software packages, mobile apps, etc.
  • Translation of online help systems
  • Translation of user guides
  • Translation of system messages
  • Translation of equipment installation and connection guides
  • Translation of recommended best practices
  • And so on

A particularly technical set of skills is needed to translate IT documents. The terminology must match the language used by industry professionals, while in-depth knowledge of the sector is also required.

If the manual for a colour printer is so poorly translated that you can only print in black and white, the consequences may be fairly minor. However, if the translation of a router manual opens up your network ports, you could end up with security flaws and leave yourself wide open to attacks from hackers… the consequences could be much more serious.

The same applies to the translation of software, also known as “localisation”. Interfaces must be user-friendly and easy to read. The terminology used must be unambiguous, coherent and consistent with the field in question. In addition, the user guide and online help system accompanying the software must use exactly the same terms as the interface to prevent users from getting lost. An extremely rigorous approach and strict quality control are therefore essential.

MYLANDRIS employs professional translators possessing specialist IT knowledge and advanced language skills. Your IT translation needs will always be in safe hands!


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